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Several of our activities deal with model identification and control of flying vehicles. The current projects deal with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) also called drones. These projects are conducted in partnership with the French-German Institute of Saint Louis and INSA of Strasbourg.

UAV, drone, model identification, gain-scheduling control




  • Sebastian Fleishmann, PhD since 2014
  • Emmanuel Roussel, PhD since 2014


Model identification of UAVs

UAV prototype from ISL

Mathematical models of a flight vehicle can take various forms. Physics-based phenomenological models are often preferred for aircrafts, because their parameters usually have a physical meaning, the underlying physics and aerodynamic effects are well-known, and, as the resulting structure is linked to physical phenomena, they generally offer large validity domain. During the modeling process, a trade-off has to be made between high accuracy and identifiability. A methodology has been proposed for selecting a model of adequate complexity for miniature helicopters among a set of models of different complexity. The parameters of the models are estimated from flight datasets and the models are compared in terms of accuracy and complexity, thus highlighting the relevant physical effects. The Vicon 3D motion tracking system available at ICube has been used to measure the vehicle pose.

Missile control

Domains in the mach-altitude plane

Gain-scheduling techniques, consisting in interpolating several linear controllers to adapt to the change of the working point, is quite standard in aerospace industry. In this project, we are looking for a methodology that allows to derive a gain-scheduled controller quite easily and with low computation cost. The proposed methods use intensively the nu-gap metric in order to divide the working space and assess the robustness of the closed-loop system on a sub-domain prior to the controller synthesis.

Drone projects

In partnership with the Cigogne project INSA of Strasbourg, we have started working control of UAV for transportation in 2016.


  • Two PhD grants from ISL (S. Fleischmann & E. Roussel, 2014-2017)
  • Projet interne ICube COREDRONE (Commande robuste et évènementielle de drones), 2016-2017


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  • E. Roussel, V. Gassmann , E. Laroche, Performance Improvement of a Motor Speed Controller for Low-Cost MAVs, EuroGNC, Toulouse, France, ONERA, ISAE, ENAC (Eds.), avril 2015
  • E. Roussel, V. Gassmann , E. Laroche, Modelling and Identification of a Coaxial Birotor UAV from Scarce Flight Data, European Control Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, juin 2016