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Associate Professor
in Medical Robotics

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Pedagogic documents

  • Here is the course on registration for robot assisted medical intervention given in the scope of the PUF Houston/Strasbourg in 2009

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2000 : graduated from the ENSPS (Engineering school), Strasbourg.
  • 2000 : Master in Photonic, Image and Cybernetics, ULP, Strasbourg.
  • 2005 : PhD Thesis, ULP, Strasbourg.


Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg, department of Physics and Engineering, Strasbourg [1].


  • School of engineering "Telecom Physique Strasbourg", Bio-engineering specialty
    • Course on computer vision for medical applications (pose estimation)
    • 3D rigid medical registration
  • Bachelor in applied physics (Electronic, Signal aud Automatic Control):
    • Courses and tutorials on automatic control (Analysis and control of analog systems)
    • Practical sessions in Automatic Control
  • Master MNE :
  • Master IRIV, IRMC speciality
    • Course on registration for medical robotics


  • Past supervised PhD students
    • Laurent Ott, defended in 2009
    • Bérengère Bardou, defended in 2011
    • Antonio De Donno, defended in 2013
    • Paolo Cabras
    • Laure-Anaïs Chanel
  • Currently supervised PhD theses
    • Rafael Aleluia Porto
  • Research projects
    • STRAS project: Robotic assistance to flexible surgical endoscopy
    • ProteCT: Robotic assistance to non-vascular inteventional radiology
    • Robotic HIFU

  • Past Master students
    • Zeineb Zarrouk (2011)
    • Maria Jakubowska (2011)
    • Florent LeBastard (2012)
    • David Goyard, KTH Stockholm / Ecole Centrale de Lille (2013)
    • Natalia Shepeleva, ViBot Master (2015)
    • Mohamed Amine Falek (2016)
  • Current Master students
    • Xuan Thao HA
    • Valentin Bordoux (advised by B. Rosa)
  • PhD thesis :

Robot and Computer assisted medical interventions :Suturing assistance in laparoscopic surgery


  • Vision control
  • Visual servoing
  • Parameter estimation using vision
  • Path planning
  • Medical and surgical robotics


downloadable publications

List of publications

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personal area

Seattle, WA (ICRA 2015)

Downtown from Lake Union
Welcome Dinner at the Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum
North view from Columbia Center

Tokyo (Medical robotics seminar at the french embassy)

Asakusa Shrine
Tokyo from Sunshine60
Shibuya by night

Texas (Computational Surgery 2011)

San Antonio Riverside
Fort Alamo
Texas Medical Center Houston

Minneapolis, MN (EMBC09)

Downtown Minneapolis
The largest Mall in the USA
Lake Calhoun)

Japan (Icra09, Kobe)

Kyoto - Kinkaku-Ji
Kobe in sunlight
... and at night

Scottsdale, AZ (Biorob08)

Scottsdale at sunset
The "Sun Valley" viewed from "Camel Moutain"
The "best student" rest

California (Icra08, pasadena)

Flock of Sealions
Spare vehicules
Santa Barbara

Beijing (Iros06)

Summer Palace
Turtle soup
The Great Wall in Grande muraille in mist

Ontario (visit by MDRobotics september 06)

Niagara falls
Toronto from CN tower
CN tower, Toronto

San Diego (Medical Imaging 05)

Balboa park
Dolphins in open sea

Chicago (Cars04)

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