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The Medical Robotics Platform

The medical robotics platform located in the Ircad building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments for the design, integration and evaluation of robotic devices:

  • Robotic systems for evaluation purpose (2-DOF and 6-DOF custom-made robots, XY positioning platform, Adept Viper S650 robot)
  • Optical and magnetic localization systems
  • Ultrasonic imaging system, surgical laser
  • CAD platform
  • 3D multimaterial prototyping system, funded by the ROBOTEX program

More than 10 fully-functional robotic systems have been developed in the lab for medical applications during the last ten years.

Pforme 1.jpg Pforme 2.jpg Pforme 3.jpg Connex robotex.jpg

The Interventional MRI suite

A unique MRI interventional suite is located inside the NHC building of the Civil Hospital of Strasbourg. It includes:

  • A large-bore MRI scanner Siemens Aera 1.5T
  • A Galil Medical MR-compatible cryoablation system

This set-up is used for development of MR-compatible devices, sequences, with a research partnerhsip with Siemens.


The INCA 6D platform

INCA 6D by Haption at LSIIT

An INCA 6D cable-driven robot is installed at TPS, in partnership with the IGG group, for research on the modeling, identification and control on this class of mechanisms.