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Robust control of co-manipulation systems

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A6.15 robot by RB3D for co-manipulation

Human-robot co-working is an active research domain in the field of robotics and control theory. Most of pioneering contributions addressing Co-Working interaction control problems has focused on PID based control with complexity limitations. On the other hand, modern control theory offers tools allowing to design and tune arbitrarily complex servo-controllers. Non-Smooth optimization is one of recently developed tools that addresses the problem of tuning structured controllers according to H∞, H2, and pole placement specifications. In this project, the problem of force amplification is transcripted into to high level H∞/H2 specifications and is solved using Non-smooth optimization. The resulting controllers are tested on industrial robots. When the same structure as a PID, we are able to recover similar performances, while respecting some extra robustness certificates. Now, it becomes possible to tune interaction controllers with arbitrary complexity in order to satisfy complex performance/robustness specifications.

co-manipulation systems, structured-H∞ synthesis





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