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ThermoMetRE: Compensating for breathing motion in simultaneous Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) and MR Thermometry

Collaboration starting grant of 12k€ for 2 years (2016-2017), awarded by the WP3: Interventional Imaging from the France Life Imaging (FLI) network. This work is led in collaboration with the Imaging team (Imagerie) at IHU Lyric in Bordeaux, France.

Keywords: thermal ablation, elastography, MR thermometry, motion compensation for physiological motion

During thermal ablation, tumor cells are damaged by either heating or freezing tumoral tissue. It is fundamental to monitor the ablation in order to ensure that tumor tissue is destroyed while surrounding healthy tissue is preserved. Currently, MR thermometry is the goldstandard for realtime monitoring of thermal ablations. It is well known that mechanical properties of tissue are also strongly altered by the ablation process. The ICube team recently demonstrated the use of simultaneous realtime MR Elastography (MRE) and MR Thermometry. Additional work is required to accelerate the acquisition, and integrate motion compensation that would allow for ungated acquisition, and hence further acceleration. In Bordeaux, the IHU Lyric and IMB have work on fast acquisition and motion compensation for myorcardial MR thermometry. In this project, our teams will combine these methods in order to monitor thermal ablations in the liver using simultaneous MRE and MR thermometry, with fast acquisitions, free-breathing thanks to motion compensation. We will also investigate the possibility to derive a new improved dose-factor, compared to current thermal dose, combining elasticity and thermal changes.


AVR / ICube : Breton Elodie, Vappou Jonathan

IHU LIRYC : Quesson Bruno, Bour Pierre, Ozenne Valéry

Institut de mathématiques de Bordeaux (IMB) : Denis de Senneville Baudouin