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Kanako MIURA

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Hommage à Kanako Miura

Kanako Miura est décédée brutalement le 19 mai 2013 à Boston dans un accident de la circulation alors qu'elle se déplaçait à vélo. Elle avait rejoint le MIT depuis octobre 2012 et pour une année en tant que chercheur invité. Kanako a passé plus de 2 années entre 2001 et 2003 à Strasbourg dans l'équipe AVR pour sa thèse en cotutelle entre l'Université de Strasbourg et l'Université Tohoku de Sendai. Nombreux sont les membres de l'équipe qui l'ont connue lors de sa thèse et après, à l'occasion de ses visites à Strasbourg ou de déplacements au Japon. Cette page lui est dédiée.

Kanako Miura

I just got the news and it let me profoundly shocked. We discussed about her with a colleague few days ago and we agreed how remarkable a woman she was. She traced her route in her field with a steady pace, persevering until she reached the very top level. She was courageous, in a domain where women are still a small minority. Open-minded, with a pioneer spirit, she did not hesitate to take risks, for example when she started her PhD shared between two universities, Sendai in Japan and Strasbourg in France. I had the chance to supervise her work in Strasbourg and I was stunned by the exceptional amount and quality of her work. For me, Japan will forever have the face of Kanako. A smiling and peaceful outside with a strong, deep and bright inside. Tu vas nous manquer Kanako. Jacques

I have not had the chance to work with Kanako. However, I have this strong image of the Shabu-shabu restaurant in Tokyo were Kanako invited us, Jacques, Loïc, Pierre and I, as we came in Japan for starting a collaboration. This was a very nice time. My thoughts are with her relatives and friends. Edouard