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Nwoye C.I.D.

Chinedu Nwoye is a second year PhD student of University of Strasbourg under the ICube laboratory, France. His supervisor is Prof. Nicolas Padoy.

He belongs to the research group: Computational Analysis and Modelling of Medical Activities (CAMMA) with the research focus on the Development of new tools and methods to perceive, model and analyse clinician and surgical activities in the operating room (OR) using computer vision and deep learning.

Curriculum vitae

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Research topics

  • Weakly supervised approach for surgical tools detection, and localization in laparoscopic videos.
  • Leveraging spatial temporal video data for surgical tool tracking.
  • Smarter weakly supervised approaches to surgical tool segmentation.
  • Deep Learning Approaches for Surgical Tool Analysis in Endoscopic Videos Using Weak Supervision.
  • Etc.

Recent Publications

  1. Nwoye, C. I., Mutter, D., Marescaux, J., & Padoy, N. (2019). Weakly supervised convolutional LSTM approach for tool tracking in laparoscopic videos. International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery, 14(6), 1059-1067. (won 2019 IPCAI Best Audience Choice Award). SpringerLink. ArXiv PrePrint supplementary video 1. supplementary video 2.


1 Place de l’hôpital 67000 Strasbourg, FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0) 3 904 13 535
Email: nwoye@unistra.fr, cinwoye@etu.unistra.fr