Équipe AVR - Automatique Vision et Robotique

Sendai University 2007-2008

De Équipe AVR - Automatique Vision et Robotique
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Modeling and control of an active camera system

An active camera system is a robotic system with a camera mounted on its end effector. The system is useful for visual tracking, since it has a wide field of view by changing the camera direction. In this research, the robot dynamics is investigated in order to improve tracking performance. The dynamics is modeled by using system identification techniques which enable us to build mathematical models of dynamical systems from time-series data.

Visual tracking using visual servo technique

Visual tracking is an important area of computer vision and it has many practical applications such as automatic surveillance, surgical robots and human interface. The objective of this topic is to track a deformable and partly reflectional object such as liver and heart for endoscope surgery. The student will use high-speed 1394B camera and OpenCV on linux.

Simultaneous shape measurement and video projection using a high-speed projector-camera system

We have been working on a high-speed projector-camera system that can project and capture over 6000 binary images per second. So far our efforts have mainly been devoted to high-speed shape measurement, but we are now exploring a way of video projection onto a moving object (e.g. handheld screen) combined with real-time measurement of the object position/posture. This research topic involves basic investigation and experiments toward this goal.


[Jacques GANGLOFF]